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                        THURSDAY, JULY 18, 2024
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President signs law increasing 2013 deficit and debt ceiling

KIEV, Dec. 30 President Viktor Yanukovych has signed a law, which increases the deficit of the national budget for 2013 by UAH 19.4 billion, to UAH 69.98 billion, and the ceiling of state debt for the end of the current year by the same sum, to UAH 502.48 billion.

Activist flees to Poland, citing threats

KIEV, Dec. 30 An activist at Road Control, a website exposing traffic police corruption, has fled Ukraine after receiving threats that he may be arrested or even assassinated.

Protesters lift govt office blockade after promise PM won??t enter

KIEV, Dec. 29 ?? Protesters lifted their blockade of government offices Wednesday after receiving assurances that Viktor Yanukovych, the controversial Prime Minister, will not enter the building for at least two days.

Yushchenko plans political overhaul

KIEV, Dec. 29 ?? Viktor Yushchenko, the liberal opposition leader who won the Sunday presidential election, within weeks plans a dramatic overhaul of political decision making along with creation of a new government, sources and analysts said.

Ukraines grain production to be affected if war drags on: NBU

KYIV, Oct 28 The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) expects that if active hostilities with the Russian forces continue through the middle of 2024, the harvest of grain and leguminous crops in the country will decrease (under a pessimistic scenario with a blockade of its ports) to 51.5 million tons per 2023 (40% less compared to 2021), and to 52.5 million tons in 2024 (38.7% less).

Ukraine gets $23.12-bln, or 65% of pledged assistance, minister says

KYIV, Oct 28 The amount of funding Ukraine has received from international partners to cover the state budget deficit amounted to $23.12 billion between Feb. 24 and Oct. 26, the Ministry of Finance reported. The amount is 65% of the pledged assistance of $36.959 billion.

Russia resumed blockade of Ukrainian ports

KYIV, Oct 30 - Russia resumed its blockade of Ukrainian ports on Sunday, cutting off urgently needed grain exports to hungry parts of the world in what U.S. President Joe Biden called a really outrageous act.

Ukraines economy likely to contract 35.6% on year in Q4, NBU says

KYIV, Oct 28 Ukraines economy will probably shrink 35.6% on the year in the fourth quarter, accelerating from 34.4% contraction recorded in the third quarter, the National Bank of Ukraine reported.

Ukraine, EU align positions on Russia gas transit contract

KYIV, Oct 29 Delegations of Ukraine and the European Commission following the regular trilateral meeting on gas issues including Russia in Brussels presented the common position over a contract on Russian gas transit through Ukraine starting from January 1, 2020, the Foreign Ministry reported.

Ukraines economy likely to grow faster in 2020, Zelenskiy says

KYIV, Oct 29 President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said Tuesday that economic reforms and deregulation started by his government will result in faster economic expansion in 2020.

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