WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2022
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President accepts credentials from Polish, Iraqi and Azeri envoys

KIEV, Oct. 28 President Petro Poroshenko has accepted credentials from the ambassadors of Poland, Jan Peklo, Iraq, Bakir Ahmed Aziz Al-Jawf and Azerbaijan, Azer oglu Khudayar Khudiyev.

G7 envoys warn president against weakening e-declaration system

KIEV, Oct. 28 The ambassadors of G7 countries have warned Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko about the dangers of certain legislative initiatives which can negate Ukraine's efforts in combating corruption, in particular by weakening the electronic declaration system, the European Truth online publication reported.

PM e-declaration shows $1.8 million cash

KIEV, Oct. 28 - Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman has revealed that he and his wife possess $1.8 million in cash, $100,000 in several different bank accounts, 15 properties and a collection of 12 luxury watches, BBC reported.

Russian aid convoy arrives in Rostov bound for Luhansk and Donetsk

MOSCOW/KIEV, Oct. 30 - A convoy of Russian trucks carrying humanitarian supplies for the population of Ukraine's Luhansk and Donetsk regions has arrived in Russia's southern Rostov region, Oleg Voronov, deputy director of the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry's National Crisis Management Center, told Interfax.

Ukraine to press on with Stockholm suit despite gas agreement

KIEV, Oct. 30 - Ukraine is not going to recall its lawsuit from an arbitration court in Stockholm, Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk said.

"A final decision concerning the fate of the gas contract will be adopted by the Stockholm arbitration court. That is why the agreement and the protocol that will be signed are provisional.

EC's financial guarantees to pay for gas agreement, says Gazprom CEO

BRUSSELS, Oct. 30 - The European Commission's financial guarantees concerning Ukraine's payments for Russian natural gas will be included in a bilateral protocol, Russian gas giant Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller said.

Ukraine, Russia and EU sign natgas deal

BRUSSELS, Oct. 30 - Ukraine, Russia and the European Union signed a deal on Thursday that will see Moscow resume vital supplies of gas to its ex-Soviet neighbor over the winter in return for payments funded in part by Kiev's Western creditors, Reuters reported.

Poroshenko Bloc calls for reform of Ukrainian energy sector

KIEV, Oct. 29 - The Petro Poroshenko Bloc has proposed that a coalition agreement should envision the reform of the energy sector in Ukraine.

"We will ensure the drawing of large-scale private investments in the energy sector. To increase our own production of gas, oil, and coal, we will diversify the sources of supplies of gas (not more than 30% of consumption per one supplier) and fuel for nuclear power plants in order to increase competition among suppliers and lower the level of monopolization and isolation of the Ukrainian energy market," a draft coalition agreement published on Tuesday says.

EP president and Poroshenko reiterate opposition to separatist votes

KIEV, Oct. 29 - European Parliament President Martin Schulz and Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko called the elections the pro-Russian separatists are planning to hold in separate districts in Donetsk and Luhanks regions on November 2 unacceptable and in contravention of Ukrainian laws and the Minsk agreements, the Ukrainian presidential press service said.

Poroshenko Bloc won most support in recent election, says DPM

KIEV, Oct. 29 - Petro Poroshenko Bloc has won the most support among Ukrainians in the latest elections and will form the largest faction in the new Verkhovna Rada, said Volodymyr Hroisman, one of the party leaders and Deputy Prime Minister.

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