FRIDAY, AUGUST 12, 2022
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Yushchenko secretariat knocks government handling of state guarantees

KIEV, Aug. 27 The Ukrainian cabinet in 2009 made decisions to give state guarantees worth over UAH 37 billion, while the law on the national budget for 2009 sets the limit for them at UAH 37 billion, the chief service of social and economic development at the secretariat of President Viktor Yuschenko announced.

President soon to announce new anti-corruption initiatives

KIEV, Aug. 29 - President Viktor Yushchenko will soon announce anti-corruption initiatives which foresee compulsory declarations of the spending of state employees and members of their families, as well as the creation of a single state anti-corruption body.

Foreign minister: We will defend our interests in Romanian disputes

ODESSA, Aug. 29 - Ukraine will defend its economic interests in its relations with Romania, primarily the issue of sovereignty over Zmiyiny (Serpent) Island and the Bystroye channels in the Danube delta, Foreign Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk said.

Escalating dispute over Pora party registration may wind up in court

KIEV, Aug. 30 The escalating dispute over registration of the Pora party may lead to a situation causing results of the Sept. 30 election to be appealed in court, an election watchdog said Thursday.

Govt unveils vote cancellation scenario

KIEV, Aug. 30 Ukraine appeared headed Thursday for a major confrontation between political groups when its pro-Russian government unveiled a scenario for canceling the Sept. 30 election.

Deficit to expand next yr to 2.6% of GDP

KIEV, Aug. 30 ?? Ukraine will increase international and domestic borrowing next year in order to finance its expanding budget deficit as the government plans massive investment to boost economic growth, the country??s economic czar said Wednesday.

Russia apologizes for delaying flight of U.S. senators to Kiev

KIEV, Aug. 30 ?? Russia apologized on Monday for keeping two U.S. senators on the way to Kiev waiting for three hours in a Russian airport after border guards expressed concerns about letting the U.S. military flight depart without an inspection of the plane.

Poll: Yushchnko, Tymoshenko groups could form government after vote

KIEV, Aug. 30 - President Viktor Yushchenko's Our Ukraine party would score the most at election and jointly with Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko's group would be able to form the government, an opinion poll showed Tuesday.

Socialists call for head of NBU governor

KIEV, Aug. 30 ?? The Socialist Party, one of three groups in the government coalition, Tuesday called for dismissal of the governor of the National Bank of Ukraine, alleging a strong hryvnia is hurting the economy.

Gasoline prices continue to rise as refinery stoppage drags on

KIEV, Aug. 30 - Ukraine's gasoline prices rose 3.9% on the week amid reports that at least one oil refinery will continue its stoppage for an extra four months due to high oil prices.

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